About Us

mapit.space is a collective of GIS professionals and students that actuates individuals to succeed as a team. Backing mapit.space is a team featuring diverse academic and professional experience. Our forward thinking inventive team has honed their skillsets from academia and refined it in the professional workplace. By including students in this process, we are able to offer experiential learning and an infinitely fresh set of eyes as we take on new projects. We are actively seeking opportunities and visions to invest our collective resources to. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or ideas!

Meet the Founders

mapit.space was co-founded by Alysha van Duynhoven and Christopher Yee. Both Alysha and Chris have had unique opportunities of experiential learning opportunities through Simon Fraser University's Co-op Education Program and independent contract work outside of academia. Inspired by the opportunities they've had and the passion to share their experience - mapit.space was created.

Alysha van Duynhoven

Alysha has completed a BSc in Computing Science, Minor in Geography, certificate in Spatial Information Systems, and the Co-operative education designation at Simon Fraser University. Passionate about programming and GIS, she is currently pursuing a MSc in Geographic Information Science.

Chris Yee

Chris is an undergraduate student at Simon Fraser University. He has completed a certificate in Spatial Information Systems and is close to completing his BA in Geography. He is currently working in the private sector and has also worked for the public service with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada.


Introducing current and past associates of mapit.space. We are currently seeking fellow students who are as passionate about GIS, programming, creating, and learning as we are.

Isaac Pang

Isaac is an undergraduate student pursuing a BA in Geography and a certificate in Spatial Information Systems at Simon Fraser University. He is currently working in Yellowknife, NWT as a GIS student for the Land Negotiation Office - Treaty and Aboriginal Government, Department of Crown Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada (CIRNAC).

Amanda Schrack

Amanda completed her BSc in Environmental Science and the Spatial Information Systems certificate at Simon Fraser University. She completed the ADP GIS program at BCIT. She now works at Safe Software writing technical content for the digital marketing team. Amanda loves talking GIS, data, and really anything else. Feel free to contact her at any time!