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In March 2018, 3 students from Simon Fraser University formed a group to compete in the 2018 ESRI App Challenge. goElectric was designed and developed in a 7-day time span and utilizes Esri technologies. The goal was to show Vancouverites the potential savings they could achieve by switching to an Electric Vehicle in their daily commute, find charging stations along their daily route, and show users how far they can drive given a battery charge status.

Link: https://esricanada-ce.github.io/ecce-app-challenge-2018/mapit.space/app/
Link: 2018 Vancouver User Conference Presentation Deck


  • ArcGIS API for Javascript
  • Esri's Calcite Maps Bootstrap Theme (for the interactive web map)
  • Skeleton CSS Framework (for the homepage)


  • Alysha van Duynhoven: Vision, Development, and App/Homepage Writing
  • Chris Yee: Vision, Graphic Design, Research, Equation Formulation, and Script Writing
  • Anthony Lee: Homepage Writing and Research